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How to Transfer a Landline Number to a Cell Phone

How to Transfer a Landline Number to a Cell Phone

So, you want to transfer your landline? 

Landline technology is outdated, but giving it up feels more difficult than it should be. You've had the number for so long, and it's registered in so many, you need a home phone number, right? 

Luckily, consolidating your landline doesn’t have to be a total headache, in fact, it could save you hundreds of dollars a year by getting rid of old service you no longer need - without losing your home phone number

In this blog post we’ll show you how to: 

  • Ensure your Number is Eligible to be Forwarded or Transferred
  • Save more than $300 a year by choosing the Right Provider
  • Select an Option for Saving your Landline Number
  • Submit a Forwarding or Transfer Request 

    3 Steps to Transferring Your Landline Number

    • Step 1: Check if Your Landline is Eligible 
    • Step 2: Choosing the Right Provider 
    • Step 3: Saving the Number

    In this post, we will cover the three parts needed to successfully forward your landline to a cell phone, while ensuring you keep the number you've had for years.

    Step 1: Check if Your Landline is Eligible

    *** This step is not required - but helpful 

    Unfortunately, not all landline numbers can be redirected. Fortunately, we can check for you. 

    Input your landline number, your provider and your email (so we can send you the result). It usually takes a few seconds to get your results. 

    What if my Landline is Eligible?

    If you landline is eligible this means you are free to forward or transfer the number to a cell phone. This is how most folks get rid of their landline phone, without  losing the home or business number they’ve had for years. 

    Step 2: Choosing the Right Provider 

    Choosing the right provider is the most consequential decision you can make. Even if you want to keep your number, your current provider may not be the best option. The three most important factors to consider are:

    1. Availability - Does the provider offer number transferring options?
    2. Cost - Is the cost of the service lower than your current landline bill? 
    3. Ease of Use - Does the provider make it easy to complete the process?

    Unfortunately, most of the big providers do not meet these basic criteria. It is important to remember your provider does not "own" your number and if you do find a better service, you are free to "port" over your number to them. If you are in a bundle, you can still choose a different provider to help transfer or forward your landline number without losing your home internet/cable service.

    The right provider will let you replace your current service while saving your number with one of the following options listed in Step 3.  

    Step 3: Saving the Number

    The last step is choosing how you want to save your landline number. The two most popular options are:

    1. Forwarding the landline number to your current cell phone 
    2. Placing the number on a new cell phone - like an old-school flip phone. 

    Both options serve as replacements, not additions, to your current landline service. We will now cover them a little more in-depth.  

    Option 1: Forwarding the landline number to your cell phone. 

    This is the most popular and simplest method of transferring your landline number to your cell phone. All inbound calls are simply forwarded automatically to your cell phone. Forwarding your number will result in the most savingsat Community Phone, it starts at just $9 a month. It is also a great option if you don't need to make calls or texts from the landline number.  

    Option 2: Placing the Number on a New Phone

    In some cases, you may still want to keep the landline as a separate phone that you can use for calling and texting. That is called "number porting", and its the process of taking your landline number and putting it on a SIM card.

    If you choose this option, you will need to get a talk&text plan to replace your old landline service. 

    Forwarding or Transferring with Community Phone

    Telecom is notorious for their horrible customer support. This makes transferring your landline number a difficult ordeal, especially if you're with one of the big providers. 

    Community Phone is the first nation-wide carrier that specializes in landline number transferring and forwarding. We've helped thousands of American households and small businesses get rid of their landline service while keeping their home phone numbers. 

    We offer both landline forwarding (option 1) or landline transferring (option 2) for $9 a month. 

    To learn more about transferring or forwarding your landline number with us, click below.  



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