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Frontier Communications: How to Forward Calls from Landline to Cellular Phone

Frontier Communications: How to Forward Calls from Landline to Cellular Phone

For our usual readers, welcome back! This time we will be tackling Call Forwarding by Frontier Communications. And for our new readers, a little explanation: Community Phone has been publishing a series of articles on its website where we discuss Call Forwarding (and everything related) through different phone carriers. So if you are tired of missing important calls, if you would like to consolidate all your numbers on one phone, or if you would like to cut the cord while keeping your number, then do not worry! Call Forwarding is the answer you were searching for. The call forwarding feature allows you to stay in touch with your beloved ones constantly. By activating call forwarding, you are not only always connected to your loved ones, but you also significantly reduce the chances of missing important work calls. Since there are numerous options available to you regarding Call Forwarding, and each with its limitations depending on your phone carrier, we shall explain to you step-by-step how to activate the call forwarding feature.

For Frontier Communications landline users, a lot of the information regarding call forwarding can be found online. However, there are several details that are missing and/or not readily available to you (unless you call their customer service department). More importantly, the information is varied, so you may have to sift through the webpages for a long time to find what you specifically need. That is why Community Phone has collated and consolidated all the necessary information in a precise manner for your ease. In this blog, we will be explaining every step you need to take in order to set up and activate the call forwarding feature on your phone. 

Before we talk about setting up call forwarding, let’s discuss the choices available to you. There are three options which you can avail when it comes to forwarding your calls while keeping your number. One is to simply forward all incoming calls from your current landline number to an alternate phone (cell phone, work phone, etc.). If you avail this option you will have to continue to maintain your landline and hence, the relationship with your current carrier: Frontier Communications. If you do not desire that, and wish to cut the cord but maintain your current number, you can avail either the second or third option: forward landline calls to your current cell phone while cutting the cord or transfer your landline number to a new cell phone. These two options allow you to cancel your landline contract, keep your number, and save money. 

Option 1: Call Forwarding

Step 1: Account Details

When setting up call forwarding, you can either call a Frontier Communications Customer Service Representative, or you can do it yourself by following the detailed instructions in this article. In order to set up call forwarding through customer service, you will need your Account number and PIN number, both of which you will find on the top part of your bill (as displayed in the picture below).

If you want to understand more about your Frontier bill, go to

However, if you are not an account holder, or are trying to transfer a relative’s landline, you will need to reset the PIN. Finding a bill would be your best option, since both the PIN number and the Account Number are on it. If you do not have the bill, you will need to verify your identity with a Frontier Communications Customer Service representative by dialing 1 (800) 921-810.

You can of course set up call forwarding yourself by following the instructions described below. 

Step 2: Setting up Call Forwarding

Frontier call forwarding is not a free feature that comes with Frontier Communications digital phone plans. Calling features included with your digital phone (unlimited) include Call waiting, Caller ID, Directory Assistance and Voicemail. You will have to pay slightly more for call forwarding, which comes in Frontier’s optional Feature Pack. Once you have purchased this package, you will have fourteen calling features, of which the following are your options in Call Forwarding: 

Call Forwarding - All Calls, Selective Call Forwarding, Call Forwarding - Busy, and Call Forwarding - Unanswered

You can decide which of the available options best suits your needs.

Step 3: Activating Call Forwarding

You can activate or deactivate any of the four call forwarding options of your choice by simply inputting the following codes: 

  1. Call Forward (All Calls)

You can activate call forwarding for all incoming calls by dialing *72 on your handset. Wait for the dial tone and then enter the alternate number (with the area code) you wish all your calls forwarded to. Call Forwarding is activated when someone answers the number you dialed. If you receive a busy signal or no answer, hang up and repeat the first step within two minutes. You will hear a confirmation tone indicating that this feature has been activated. To deactivate All Call Forwarding dial *73 on your handset. 

  1. Call Forward Busy

To activate, dial *90. You will hear a special dial tone. Once you do, enter the number you want your calls forwarded to. Now press the pound key and hang up. To deactivate, dial *91 and listen for a confirmation tone. The activation and deactivation codes are different in Seneca Gorham and Rochester. For the former, your activation code is *50, and deactivation code *51.  For the latter, *48 will serve as the activation code for call forwarding - busy, and *49 as the deactivation code.

  1. Selective Call Forwarding 

For Selective Call Forwarding, simply dial *63 on your handset and follow voice instructions. Your deactivation code will be the same. This feature is not available in Seneca Gorham and Rochester. 

  1. Call Forward Unanswered/No Answer

This feature will allow you to forward unanswered calls only. To activate, dial *92 on your digital phone. You will hear a special tone, after which you can enter the number of times you want your phone to ring before forwarding incoming calls. Now dial the number you want your calls forwarded to. Call forwarding will be activated when someone will answer the number you just entered. If no one answers/call is busy, hang up and repeat the first two steps described within two minutes. You will now hear a confirmation tone indicating call forwarding has been activated. To deactivate, dial *93 and listen for a confirmation tone. For residents of Seneca Gorham, your activation code will be *52, and deactivation code *53. For residents of Rochester, your activation and deactivation codes are *44 and *45, respectively.

FAQs about Call Forwarding

Now that we have detailed the how tos of Frontier’s call forwarding system, let’s discuss the common queries that arise when setting up call forwarding. 

Call Blocking Services

Several customers are not willing to forward calls in fear of being bombarded with telemarketers and robocalls on their cell phones too. Protection against unwanted calls is somewhat of a problem that Frontier Communications customers face. When setting up call forwarding, Frontier Communications has limited free options available to block unwanted calls. They offer Selective Call Rejection / Call Block, Anonymous Call Rejection and Selective Call Acceptance to its consumers who have bought the optional Feature Pack. Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to block the callers who block their Caller ID. You also have the option of setting up Selective Call Acceptance whence you can program your phone to block calls from any number you place on the rejection list. Through Selective Call Acceptance you can program your phones to accept calls from a special list of callers. If you have not purchased the optional Feature Pack, you will have neither the call forwarding features, nor call blocking ones.

If however, you're a FiOS Digital Voice, FiOS Business Voice, or Vantage Voice customer, you can use Nomorobo—a free service that blocks recorded phone calls from telemarketers. To use Nomorobo, go to and sign up with these easy steps:

  1. Choose your landline carrier (Frontier)
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Click Next

You will receive an email with complete directions on how to stop these calls to your number (Frontier Communications, 2020).

Steep Prices

Although you get amazing features with Frontier, there are financial drawbacks to buying the service. Call Forwarding (and call blocking) features, unlike with most other phone carriers, are not free for Frontier Communications customers. Nor is your home phone plan the cheapest option available in the phone market. Unlike other big phone corporations, Frontier communications does not provide coverage in every state, or even in a majority of states. It’s most popular plan in California costs $66.99/month, in Connecticut $35.00/ month, and in Florida $44.99/month. Add to that prices of any additional services, like call forwarding, and you end up paying quite a steep monthly bill. 

Retaining Call Forwarding

If, at any point you wish to cancel your landline service with Frontier, you will no longer retain your call forwarding feature. It is a feature offered in association with your basic home phone plan and cannot be used separately. Simply put, no landline - no call forwarding.

However, Frontier Communications is not your only option, and it is certainly not the best! If you wish to have your calls forwarded to your current cell phone, or you would like your landline number to BECOME the number of a new cell phone, while simultaneously cutting your landline cord, you have two alternative methods available to you through Community Phone. By availing these options, you can cancel your landline subscription, keep your number, and save your money. 

Option 2: Forward All Calls to an Existing Cell Phone & Cut the Cord

This option cannot be availed through Frontier Communications. In fact, it cannot be availed through most large phone corporations. Through Community Phone, you can forward all incoming calls from your landline to your existing cell phone while discontinuing your landline service. Once call forwarding has been safely and effectively set up (which will NOT affect the calls you are already receiving on your cell phone), we will help you end your current landline subscription. By availing this option, you will safeguard your contacts, save yourself from the need of learning a new number, and reduce your monthly phone bill, all the while keeping the number you are comfortable with. Plus you’ll be portable!

Option 3: Make Your Current Landline Number A New Cell Phone Number

This process is called Transferring. If you want to transfer your existing landline number to a new phone/cell phone, and then end your landline subscription, Community Phone can handle the entire process for you. The transfer plan will cost you only $20.00/month, or $29.00/month with a cell phone included.

Although Options 2 and 3 may appear similar (in that you cut the cord in both), they are quite different. Through Option 2, you already own an existing cell phone number that you would like incoming calls from your landline forwarded to. In comparison, Option 3 lets you use your current landline number as a new cell phone number. The added benefit of Option 3 is you get to keep all your contacts, but you don’t need to remember multiple numbers. It is entirely a matter of your preference. If you have a cell phone you are familiar and comfortable with, avail Option 2 and have your calls forwarded to it. If you want your landline number on a cell phone and don’t have a cell phone, avail Option 3. Both of these Community Phone options will be much cheaper and easier than maintaining your current subscription with Frontier Communications. 

For both Options 2 & 3, you can call us at 1-888-582-4177, or email us at and we will handle the entire process for you. All you need to do is:

1. Input your number here and see if your existing landline number is eligible for the Forwarding or Transferring processes.

2. If your number is eligible, you can apply for a Transfer or Forward plan. 

You can check our Transfer or Forward plans here at

Now simply make your choice and let us know. We care deeply for our customers and hire only the best staff. We spare no efforts in making sure that your experience with our company is nothing short of perfect!


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