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Save your wallet
and your landline

        • Spend only $20/month on your landline.
        • Keep a landline phone for your work or home, Installation takes just about 3 minutes!
        • Free yourself from your landline contract.

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Our Landline Plan Includes

  • Unlimited minutes to and from all 50 states
  • Optional call-blocking features
  • 100% USA-based customer support

For $20/month

+$99 one-time charge for the landline base

Get your landline today

Save 25%

It will work! Your area has the cell coverage and our landline solution will perfectly work for you.

Extra $5/month to keep your existing number

Extra $20 for a new landline phone



30-day Money
back guarantee

How It Works

(2) We'll ship you a new landline phone system. Installation takes about 3 minutes!

(3) Enjoy your new contract-free landline, save big every month, and have unmatched flexibility.

Thirty-day money-back-guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does your landline plan include?

Service is 20$ a month 15$ a month if you pay yearly. This is fully featured including unlimited nationwide calling, caller ID, voicemail, call forwarding, call waiting. The only extra charge is if you want to keep your existing number, it's an extra 5$ a month to host it. We also offer premium services for an extra 9$/m which include: Spam Call blocking, E-Fax Service, Full insurance on the one device we send, Simultaneous ringing to a cell phone, Voicemail to email transcription

What if my power or internet go out?

Our landline system continues to work even if the internet or power go out! NOTE: The handset we provide does not work in a power outage. Therefore, we recommend purchasing the landline base from us and then getting a traditional no-screen landline handset from another vendor. Here is one that works well. 

Our landline system does not operate over the internet, so changes in your internet quality will not affect it. It also has a backup battery in case your power goes out. It's a landline system you can trust!

How do I set up the landline system?

It’s simple! First you sign up with us on this page or over the phone at 855-615-0667. Then you’ll receive the landline hardware in the mail. At that point, please call our support number included in your package to make sure your landline number is ready to be activated. When we give you to go-ahead, plug the landline hardware into the wall and attach your landline phone to it. It should be ready in about 30 seconds!

Can I use the landline phone I already have?

Yes you can! Any traditional landline phone can be plugged into our hardware system. That being said, you’d still need to purchase the hardware system from us because it allows us to protect your landline number for you.

Can I have multiple landlines in different rooms of my home?

If you have extension phones you can have them spread around the house working off the main base, just unplug the main base from your existing phone jack and into ours.

Is the landline system secure?

Yes. We use the existing industry grade nationwide network to provide service.

Does this service use the existing phone jacks in my home or office?

No. Our service plugs into any wall outlet for power and uses the nearby phone towers to transmit voice.

Please tell me more about the required Landline Base. What is it and how does it work?

Our landline base transforms your landline. With Community Phone, your landline no longer requires copper cable service. Instead, it connects to your local cell towers. If you do not have cell service in your area, our product is not recommended. Currently, our bases come from the manufacturer refurbished and with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

Does this system work for everyone?

Our landline phone system works for everyone who has cellular service in their home. This system may not satisfy your state's requirements for house arrest, unless approved beforehand by your supervisor.

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