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Community Phone was founded after our owner's grandmother walked into a big carrier's store with an email problem. Rather than helping her learn about her email, the salesman pushed her into purchasing a $1,000 cell phone she could neither afford nor understand. Our founder decided that enough was enough. Your personal communication should be treasured, rather than exploited. We are supported Y Combinator and the same investors who funded AirBnB and Dropbox.  

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Our Three Branches

Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts (SNTs) manage the financial lives of those with special needs. We provide SNT beneficiaries with cell phones and service, while offering the SNT administration tools to manager their beneficiaries' accounts.

Cell Service

We provide international cell phone service to members in all 50 states. We offer coverage on three of the four major networks, in addition to a large array of cell phones. We do the switch for our customers, so it's seamless to join us.


We offer mobile landline coverage, so customers can have their landline number ring on their cell phone and cancel their previous landline service. Their cell phone becomes the home of both their landline number and their cell phone number.

A Message From The Founder

The Internet has given me so much freedom, control, and creativity from a very early age in my life. But I worry that many are made to feel that they are not capable enough to harness the Internet, apps, phones, etc on their own. In my view, technology, properly understood, harnesses the creativity and expression of humans in new and unique ways and certainly doesn't replace them. Unfortunately, a lot of what people call new "technology" attempts to subvert the human mind in saddening ways. I worry that our society may be over-investing in technology that helps us take more self-portraits or click more ads rather than in cheaper education, food, space exploration, or other modes of technology that would genuinely improve our standard of living or reaffirm the importance of imagination.

We believe that it's time for more people, perhaps eschewed or far from Silicon Valley, to get a seat at the table. And as a phone company, we play a role. We strive to provide guidance and encouragement, aiming to instill confidence to ask questions. Those people who are typically believed to be "too old" or "too out of touch" will be the people to use these new frontiers for good: to help themselves, and then their communities do, learn, and create more. Therefore, our goal is to use these new phones as a means for people to live better lives, rather than merely providing connectivity to phones. Therefore, we exist to serve you as you discover and learn more about these fast-growing technologies in what feels like a newer and newer world. So, you are most welcome here, at Community Phone! We have been waiting for you and are so excited that you have finally arrived.

Your fellow traveler,

James Graham, Community Phone CEO and Founder

31 Church St., Cambridge, MA 02138

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