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The Coolpad Snap Phone

The Coolpad Snap Phone


Feature phones used to be all the rage in the 90s and early 2000s. Back then, it was more about the functionality of a cell phone rather than its fancy specs. But with the advent of smartphones, the consumer market changed, and gone was the feature phone! However, do not be dismayed. If you enjoy straightforward and simple technology, you are not alone. There are so many of us who are interested in getting a quality phone rather than the flashiest device. So if you, like so many of us, want a simple and functional phone, well, continue reading on my friend, because Community Phone has the phone of your dreams: The Coolpad Snap!

Coolpad Americas is a consumer company that has been operating in the U.S.A since 2012. It strives to create and sell cellular phones that are affordable, easy-to-use but still technologically innovative (Coolpad US, 2020). The Coolpad Snap in particular meets this criteria. A retro style flip phone, the Coolpad Snap was launched to meet the needs of the consumer without any of the added unessential specs that modern cellular phones tend to have. With its Adjustable Text Size, Large Buttons, and a basic Web Browser, the Coolpad Snap provides its users with reliable functionality and powerful connectivity. John Choi, the Chief Product Officer at Coolpad Americas said, “For all those who wish to harness the fundamentals from their device without the incessant pressure of staying connected 24/7, Coolpad Snap is the phone for you” (Brandon, 2019). 

In this blog, you will find all the necessary information you could possibly need regarding the Coolpad Snap. From specs to activating call forwarding, we will cover all the essential features you may be wondering about!


The Coolpad Snap is a user-friendly phone with easy-to-use features that enable the user to stay connected to work, family and friends comfortably.

  • Adjustable Text Size - facilitates easy and comfortable messaging
  • Hearing Aid Compatible With a Distinct Vibrating Sound - so you never have to miss important calls from your beloved ones!
  • Large Keypad - helps you with easy texting, dialing and navigating through your phone’s browser and apps.
  • Basic Web Browser - enables you to stay connected to the world without any hassle
  • Extended Talk Time - talk time can last up to 6 hours, ensuring none of your important conversations get cut mid-way
  • Bluetooth – Wi-Fi – Mobile Hotspot – Micro USB - Music Player - FM Radio - you will find all the basic features that a cell phone needs
  • 4 GB Hardware (1.8 GB available to user) - giving you ample storage for all your important data. 
  • 2 MP Camera - to capture and record all special moments in your life
  • GPS - perfect for location and navigation purposes

To know more about the Coolpad Snap, go and check out Community Phone’s product description here Coolpad Snap

How to Insert SIM in your Coolpad Phone

If you already own a Coolpad Snap (or intend to buy one soon) you will want to change or insert your SIM card. The process is very easy. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned (or refer to the picture displayed) below:

  1. Press and hold the power/end key to turn the phone off.
  2. Remove the back cover. 
  3. After you have done so, take out the battery as well. 
  4. Insert the SIM (notch side first and the gold contacts facing down) on the right side of the phone (left side facing you).
  5. To remove the SIM Card: There will be a small plastic retainer to hold the SIM card in, press down on it to remove the SIM. 
  6. Now you can reinsert the battery and replace the cover (T-Mobile, 2020).

How to Insert the MicroSD Card in your Coolpad Phone

  1. Press and hold the power/end key to turn the phone off.
  2. Remove the back cover. 
  3. Take out the battery. 
  4. Insert the MicroSD Card in the left side of the phone (right side facing you). The smaller end will go in first with the gold contacts will face down.
  5. To remove a MicroSD Card: There will be a small plastic retainer on the left side to hold the MicroSD card in. Press down on it & remove the SD card.
  6. Now you can reinsert the battery and replace the cover (T-Mobile, 2020).

(Coolpad Technologies, 2020)

How to Change your Ringtone

The Coolpad Snap phone sports an array of ringtones so you can choose one that meets your needs. Whether you want a high-volume tone, or a softer pleasing tone, the Coolpad Snap has it all. To set or change the ringtone:

  1. On your home screen, Select Apps
  2. Now go to Settings, and then Profiles
  3. Highlight your desired profile, and use the left soft key to select Edit
  4. Scroll down to Phone Ringtone and click on it
  5. Now simply choose your desired ringtone (T-Mobile, 2020)

How to Activate Call Forwarding on your Coolpad Snap

Going on a vacation? Forgot to charge your cell phone? Don’t worry, you can simply activate call forwarding from your cell phone to ensure you do not miss any important calls and are always connected.

To turn this calling feature on:

  1. Go to your Home screen and select Apps 
  2. Now go to Settings and select Device 
  3. You will see the option of Call settings. Click on it.
  4. Now choose Carrier Setting and then Calls
  5. Finally, click on GSM call settings and select the Call Forwarding option you want (Always Forward, Busy, Unanswered, Unreachable)
  6. Enter an alternate number of your choosing and select Update or Turn On, depending on the calling feature you have chosen (You can also select Turn Off, if you want to cancel Always Forward). 

Note: You can only turn off the Always Forward feature on your phone. For the other three, only the number can be changed (T-Mobile, 2020).

How to Turn GPS On and Off on your Coolpad Snap

If you wish to turn on your location services to make browsing on the web easier, simply turn the GPS on. To do so:

  1. Go to your Home Screen and select Apps
  2. Now select Settings > General Settings> Location
  3. Choose Turn Location Services On/Off
  4. Now click on Mode and choose from the following options
  • Battery Saving to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Mobile Networks
  • Device Only to use GPS and Device Sensors
  • High Accuracy to use GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Mobile Networks (T-Mobile, 2020)


Although the Coolpad phones (specifically the Coolpad Snap) are simplistic phones, they pack a lot of specs. They provide you with ample features to secure your phone and ensure that all your important data remains accessible only to you and those you choose to share it with. You can choose to secure your phone by turning on two particular features: Device Lock and Anti-theft. To turn these features on and off, follow the instructions below:

  1. Anti-theft
  • From your Home Screen go to Apps
  • Now select Settings > Personal > Security > Anti-theft
  • To activate, select Turn On
  • Now follow the On-screen prompts to enter your name and email address, and to set up a PIN and password
  • If you want to cancel the feature, select Turn Off at step 3. You will be asked to input your anti-theft password.
  1. Device Lock
  • From your Home Screen go to Apps
  • Now select Settings > Personal > Security
  • Choose Screen Lock and select either PIN or None
  • If you choose PIN, you will need to enter or confirm your PIN (T-Mobile, 2020)

The Coolpad Snap is an easy-to-use feature phone that comes at an extremely affordable rate.  You can purchase this phone at Community Phone for only $69! If you have been thinking about having your home phone become cordless, the Coolpad Snap may be just right for you. We can  turn it into a cordless home phone with your home phone number on it. You can also avail our bargain deal and get a Coolpad Snap for free! For only $29/month, you will get to transfer your home phone number onto our free Coolpad Snap flip phone, making it a cordless home phone, and it would include unlimited talking and texting. Check out Coolpad Snap and our other feature phones here Community Phone - Cellular Phones. You can also call us at 1-888-582-4177, or email us at We can answer any queries you may have! 

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