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From KFC Boss to WWII Historian

Boston native cell phone company, Community Phone, finds old CEO of KFC as customer, discovers that he now writes books about the Second World War. Also saving >$1400 per year with Community Phone compared to Verizon.

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Adolf Jochnick

Community phone member and old kfc ceo adol jochnick

CAMBRIDGE, MA NOVEMBER 2018 Adolf af Jochnick is likely the only Community Phone member who knows that Central Europe’s Thirty Years’ War should instead be called The “29-year-11 month-3 week-and-1-day” War. He came to the United States from Sweden with a dream to become a criminal lawyer, having been accepted by the Harvard Law School.

His legal plans took a turn, though, when a group of colleagues dragged him to a dinner with John Y. Brown, the CEO of KFC, the fried chicken company! The group was trying to convince Brown to let them run the European agency of KFC, and they knew they needed a lawyer to join the team. Brown didn’t end up relinquishing KFC Europe to the group. Instead, he liked Adolf so much that somehow he chose Adolf to run the show, to be CEO of KFC Europe. At this point, Adolf had already worked through one drastic career shift, moving from his home following one dream and ending up finding another. But he wasn’t finished.

From his childhood in the Second World War, Adolf was fascinated by military history. He even studied military history during his military service for Sweden. One day, after his time working with KFC, Adolf was sitting down for drinks with authors Anne Bernays, whom we have profiled a few months ago, and her husband, Justin Kaplan. Adolf could not help but overflow with excitement about a book he had been reading, Peter the Great: His Life and World by Robert K. Massie. He loved Massie’s portrayal of the battles between Peter the Great and Charles XII. At some point in Adolf’s enthusiastic storytelling, Justin just prodded, “why don’t you talk less and write something instead?” So he did! Adolf began writing in February 2014, and has not stopped.

According to Adolf, the creativity required to be a military historian was nothing new. Throughout his career as a lawyer, he worked with international companies, and as he says, “then you don’t really practice law. Your job is to understand the problem in some foreign country and find the right local lawyer to help you. Then you work with him/her to fit the different laws, foreign and US, together to solve your problem. Maybe some creativity is involved.” No matter the career, from criminal law to fried chicken to the Thirty Year War, Adolf has approached his work with a kindness and creativity that is far too uncommon. According to his children, a few of whom are also Community Phone members, he has brought this thoughtfulness home too. We at Community Phone aspire to be as warm, driven, and imaginative as he is. It is an honor (and thrill) to work with this man. He saved more than $1000 a year on his cell phone plan by switching to Community Phone, by the way :).

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