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Community Phone turns one year old and raises $800,000

Last year on August 15th, we launched publicly. Today, one year later, we are excited to announce our $800,000 in funding! 

Community Phone turns one year old and raises $800,000

Cambridge, MA—August 15, 2019—Community Phone, a startup that seeks to address the need for truly customer-centric telecommunications, announced today that it has raised $800,000 in funding from Y Combinator, Justin Kan, Dan Kan, Lachy Groom, Dylan Field, and others, to fund additional U.S. customer service experts and expansion.
Community Phone purchases wholesale data from the Sprint and AT&T networks, and hundreds of lesser known networks abroad—enabling it to operate on an international network—and passes wholesale prices directly on to its members, with plans starting at only $15/month for unlimited talking and texting all the way to $50/month to include unlimited LTE data and tethering. Packages include a new iPhone 6s or Huawei Honor 8x at an additional $10/month. This small fee includes over-the-phone assistance immediately from U.S. representatives and no tracking of one's location and other data.
Customers include a health department within the State Government of Maryland, PLAN of MA and RI, close to 100 Harvard and MIT professors, and many, many more creative people and organizations.

Community Phone is a people-first phone company,
that provides better cellular at half the cost.

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