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Community Phone Officially Launches in Boston

Thiel Fellow funds new telecommunications startup aimed at providing communities affordable and accessible cell phone plans

Cambridge, MA—August 7, 2018—Community Phone, a startup that seeks to address the need for truly customer-centric telecommunications, today announced its launch in Boston with over 200 customers and twelve employees. Founded in 2017 by James Graham, the startup flips the traditional model of telecommunications service on its head, and is dedicated to making customers feel empowered and heard. Most phone companies make their money by selling new phones in their stores, while Community Phone has no retail footprint and serves people at their home and over the phone. Service first, not retail first.

Community Phone purchases wholesale data from the Sprint network—enabling it to operate on an international network—and passes wholesale prices directly on to its members, with plans starting at only $25/month. Packages include a new iPhone 6 at an additional $5/month. This small fee includes in-person phone set-up and 24/7 over-the-phone assistance.

“I created Community Phone out of a simple desire to see customers be treated with dignity and respect,” said Graham. “Some larger carriers exploit their customers—especially our country’s growing aging population—and I wanted to create a company where everyone could afford and easily access a mobile phone and service plan.”

There is so much innovation happening in Boston and Cambridge, yet so little of it is enjoyed by long term Boston and Cambridge residents. This is the tech-hub of the East Coast, and people here deserve to be treated with respect by their technology providers.

We will soon be launching partnerships with more than a hundred local businesses, including breweries and farms, allowing us to support local business and give our members discounted products.

We are also building a VPN to deploy at the network layer that will stymie ads and lower data usage without damaging the user’s experience, while ensuring their online privacy. This will increase our margins, allowing members to save even more money and control which businesses are able to see their data for the first time.

For more information visit our press kit.

Community Phone is a nationwide cell phone carrier recognized by NPR for its full service experience and affordable prices.

Community Phone is a people-first phone company,
that provides better cellular at half the cost.

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