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Come enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and great entertainment

Come enjoy a cup of hot chocolate and great entertainment

Community Phone 2000 hot chocolate mixes
Don't Tell Comedy

Come join us for free hot chocolate, as well as one month free of phone service for new members during the 11th annual chocolate festival in Harvard Square.

Feel free to stay for our first time hosting a comedy show through “Don’t Tell Comedy” starting at 8:00pm!

Our most exciting Saturday yet!

More specific details for these two events:

Starting at noon, Community Phone will begin to hand out Hot Chocolate packets in Harvard Square. Hot Chocolate will also be served at 31 Church St. while saving new customers money with one month of free phone service

The comedy show will start at 8:00pm and end around 9:15pm, but anyone is welcome to come and mingle around 7:30pm

Tickets for the comedy show are $20 for general admission and $30 for VIP admission. There is a promo code, communityphone, that is able to be used for 50% off tickets

This comedy event is not suitable for children

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