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Social Responsibility

Promoting Tech Literacy

We believe the most precious resource in the entire world is the human heart and mind. Technology ought to be designed to both capture, and amplify, the innate human creativity we all possess. As a result, becoming literate online is crucial as we progress on our quest toward making it easier for people to use their phones and internet effectively and for creation. 

Senior Centers and Libraries in Wisconsin and Massachusetts 

We have put on hundreds of seminars that help seniors at libraries, centers, and care facilities learn how to better use their phones and computers. Below is a quote from one in Boston. 

"James and "Community Phone Company" has had such a great impact on our seniors technological experiences. Over the last year, they have not only helped seniors understand technological devices, but they have also made it a point to help seniors access the internet in a more cost afficent manner. Our seniors now are more comfortable and have a better grasp of the technological world. They also are saving money on internet and are more aware of the scams that effect seniors. We also want to recognize James for the determination and kindness that he presented at the center during the duration of time he's spent with us. He recognized the struggle we were having because of our lack of personal wifi and he was able to develop a solution. We were able to broaden our Tech Goes Home class and allowed more seniors the opportunity to learn how to use the computer or technological devices. It was truly a pleasure to have James and "Community Phone Company", at our center. " 

— Ayana Green, Elderly Service Worker at Grove Hall Senior Center:

Showcasing Our Members

Our members are talented, creative people who deserve to be celebrated. Every month, alongside your bill, you’ll receive a customer spotlight, showcasing the work one of our amazing members is doing in his or her community. Want to be profiled? Please email us at

Promoting our Neighbors

We want to promote all the communities that welcome us.  That’s why we recently asked our Cambridge neighbors to tell us which local businesses go above and beyond in serving our flagship store’s community, so we can reward them and their staffs (and their nominators) with special Community Phone rewards.  As our thanks, they receive real money credits on our service and phones, spendable as they choose. This effort is ongoing. Members of the community -- and not just our subscribers -- are encouraged to nominate local businesses at any time.

Promoting Community

Community Phone welcomes members to use our space to host events, workshops, and educational seminars. We have hosted comedy shows, free massages, parties, and much more. Reach out to to see if we can help you find a venue for your event!

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