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How Do I Cancel My Spectrum Service?

Why Cancel My Spectrum Service?

Perhaps you are moving to a new state, and Spectrum moving with you is not a possibility. Perhaps it is not the primary provider there. Or perhaps you are dissatisfied with the customer care at Spectrum. There can be any number of reasons why you may wish to cancel your Spectrum service. Internet, TV and Landline services are always in flux. Sometimes there is a steep rise in prices while other times there is a sudden change in the quality of service. Whatever the reason may be, you have arrived at the conclusion that Spectrum is simply not working for you anymore. You already know from our previous two articles how you can change your TV service and internet providers. But how will you cancel the current one? Worry not, for we will be dealing with it in this article!

Cancelling your Spectrum service is no easy task. Big phone companies like Frontier and Spectrum tend to make this process confusing so that they have ample opportunity to try to convince you to stay. But you need not fret, for we shall be explaining the process to you step by step!

How to Cancel My Service/Subscription?

You can cancel Spectrum internet, Spectrum TV, or Spectrum landline in an easy manner as long as you are prepared. Unfortunately, to cancel Spectrum as your provider, you must call them. Large phone corporations want to try and convince their customers to stay with them, so the cancelling process is ALWAYS done through a phone call. You cannot cancel your service online or via email. However, we can walk you through the whole process so that you are as prepared as possible for the call.  

Step 1: Make sure you have your details and information ready

  • Get your Account number and PIN ready, in case Spectrum needs to verify your details. You will find your Account Number on the top left corner of your paper bill, while your PIN will be the same as the password to your online Spectrum Account. Your Account Number and PIN will also be available on your online Spectrum Account. You can access your online account by signing in here My Account
  • If you have a phone number and/or email address associated with your account, get them ready too.  
  • You will also need to think about the date you want to cancel your service. You may need to state it in your call with Spectrum.
  • Step 2: Calling Spectrum.

    • Now that all your necessary information is on hand, you can place the call. Simply dial (833) 267-6094 and ask to be forwarded to the Retention Department; they will be handling your cancellation of Spectrum services. (Spectrum, 2020). 

    • If you reach a robot menu, select the option for either Downgrading, Cancelling, or Change/Transfer service. That way you will be forwarded to the Retention Department and not Tech or Billing Support.

    • Once you have reached the desired department, double check by asking if you are indeed speaking to a representative at the Retention Department (Kurland, 2017).

    Step 3: How to manage your call

    • You should have a good reason to state for leaving Spectrum. It is their job to try to convince you to stay. Being prepared beforehand will help you shorten your call time and make it as efficient as possible. Here are some examples of airtight excuses:

    • You are moving to a city where Spectrum does not provide its services

    • The original account holder is deceased

    • You are moving out of the USA

    • You do not yet know where you will be moving (Kurland, 2017).

    The first and third excuse will be your best options since they do not require a lot of follow-up questions. Your agent will surely grill you about the reason you provide, so make sure it is solid!

    • Instead of arguing with the representative, remain calm and friendly throughout the call, and explain that you do not require any other assistance except in ending your service. You simply want to cancel. The representative will try to offer you better service and all sorts of other options and offers to try to get you to not cancel. If you remain calm, friendly yet undeterred, the call will end faster.

    Step 4: Returning the equipment.

    During your call, you should ask about the equipment to avoid any further fees. You can ask the representative:

    • Did you rent or buy the modem?

    • Is there any other rented equipment written in your account?

    • How and where can you return the equipment and by when do you need to do so? 

    Step 5: Name and Ticket Number:

    • You should get your representative/agent’s name and ticket number before you end the call. You may need this information for any follow-up calls or if your agent makes mistakes while taking in your details. 

    You can now successfully end your call!

    Returning Spectrum Equipment.

    You will need to be on top of this to avoid incurring full replacement fees for the equipment.  Cable companies tend to trick their customers so that they can charge heavily for unreturned equipment. 

    1. You already know whether you rented or bought the equipment from your initial call with Spectrum. However, if you forgot to discuss this during your call, you can call Spectrum again and inform them that you have started the process of cancelling your service.

    2. Ask your agent to identify all the Spectrum equipment you may have and which of the equipment you will need to return and how. Spectrum will describe four ways you can return the equipment:

    • UPS: Bring your equipment to any UPS store. You can use this link to find the store nearest you - UPS Store Locator. They will handle packaging and shipping without charge. Make sure to take your receipt.

    • Store Drop-off: Go to the Spectrum store nearest you and drop off the equipment.

    • FedEx: You can avail this option if you were provided with a Return Label with your Spectrum equipment. You can return certain equipment (not all) through FedEx. Simply attach the label to a cardboard shipping box and seal the box properly. Drop the box off at any FedEx Office Location.

    • Pickup: People with disabilities qualify for Equipment pickup by a Spectrum Technician. You can call Spectrum or contact them here Contact Us (Spectrum, 2020).

    1. Remember: You should return all the equipment within 30 days so that you are not charged a fee for unreturned equipment.

    Step 6: Calling One Final Time

    • After your initial call with Spectrum, you will need to return your equipment. Once you have done so, call Spectrum again to confirm the cancellation. If the process is not where it should be, you have your agent’s name and ticket number from your first call. Have Spectrum forward you to the agent.

    • You should ask if there is any accrued or outstanding balance on your account, if the equipment has been returned, and if your account has been updated accordingly. If any of the relevant information is missing, you may have to pay a charge. So it is better to ensure beforehand that all is as it should be.

    • You can also, during your call with Spectrum, ask them to confirm your cancellation through mail. It is better to be covered on all fronts.

    You should now have successfully cancelled your Spectrum Internet, TV or Landline service(s). Spectrum does not have contracts; it’s a monthly subscription so you will not need to worry about Early Termination or Cancellation Fees.

    What Can Community Phone Do for You?

    Once you have started the process of cancelling your service, you will want to look for a new Internet, TV, or Landline provider. For internet or TV, you can refer to our past two articles which detail how you can find the best provider near you. For the best TV Service Provider near you, click here The Best Wi-Fi TV Service Near Me and for the best Internet Provider, click here  The Best Internet Providers Near Me. 

    Now that you have cancelled your Frontier service, and your Internet and TV needs have been addressed, let’s talk about your landline! With Community Phone you can end your landline contract and cut the cord while saving your landline number. We offer two options to save your landline: Call Forwarding and Call Transferring. With Call Forwarding, your landline calls will ring on your current cell phone. With Call Transferring, your landline number will become the number on a new cell phone. Just click the following link to learn more about saving your landline number while ending your bundle: Transfer Your Landline to a Cell Phone. Finally, you can have a faster home internet, continue watching the shows you love, and keep your beloved landline number. It’s all easy!

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