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What is a community phone company?

What is a community phone company?

According to, the definition of community is “a social group of any size whose members reside in a specific locality, share government, and often have a common cultural and historical heritage”. Community means much more to us though, it is not just about our historical heritage but is about our current developing culture. We are no longer apart of only one community, but many communities that may span across the globe.

In society today, major phone carriers seem to prevent any sense of community between them and their customers. It is almost as if these large corporations isolate their customers as soon as they receive the first payment. Unfortunately, these individuals tend to stick with these major companies, thinking there is truly is no way out. Further, they may start to feel hopeless and eventually accept this beating just the way it is if they want to be able to communicate via telecommunication.

If your cell phone experience has been a happy one, then consider yourself quite lucky! Scroll through the comments on any of these large corporations’ social media pages or the dozens of websites/ forums dedicated to airing grievances against these companies (profanity warning -here, here, here, here, etc) and you will see the negative experience millions of people have had with these organizations.

I write bearing exciting news, there is a way out of this feeling of despair or isolation and a chance to join a community of members that are more than happy to welcome new faces.

Community Phone is a team of individuals, coming together, solely trying to make the world a better place. Yes, this may sound a bit corny, but, truthfully, we hold this idea very close to our hearts. We allow for 24/7 customer service and support for our customers, as well as a storefront for in-person help and visits. Additionally, our storefront located at 31 Church St. in Harvard Square includes a library full of books donated by our community members to allow for a welcoming space.

Here at Community Phone, we believe that someone who is paying for phone service every month should be obtaining all the benefits they deserve. Community Phone doesn’t share your personal data with third parties or advertisers. We will share your information when you want us to! Every month we share a “Customer Spotlight” that showcases one of our member’s work, art, or life story. In addition, our physical location is available for hosting various community events.

Overall, we are a community of people that want to get to know you, as well as help provide you with the best cell phone services in a fashion that strengthens our communities.


-Meghan Graham

Community Phone is a people-first phone company,
that provides better cellular at half the cost.

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