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Scanning Photos and Saving Them to a Mac

Scanning and Saving a Photo in 9 easy steps using your Mac

This tutorial will show you how to scan any image from your scanner and save the scanned copy to your Desktop folder. If at any time you require help, please call us, or email us at, or ask for live-help from us by using the chat-box at the bottom of your screen.

Step 1: Plug scanner into computer.

If you need help with this step, or are scanning wirelessly, please contact us via email at Due to the custom nature of this step, we would be happy to assist you one-to-one.

Step 2: Open System Preferences

After your scanner is plugged in to your Mac, click the apple in the top left of your screen and select “System Preferences…”

Opening System Preferences on your Mac

Step 3: Click on “Printers & Scanners” inside System Preferences

Inside the System Preferences window, click on the image labeled “Printers & Scanners”

Opening Printers and Scanners inside System preferences on your Mac

Step 4: Click on the “Scan” tab inside the new screen

After selecting the “Printers & Scanners” option from System Preferences, now select the “Scan” tab to the right of the “Print” tab (which is currently selected).

Opening the Scan Menu from within Printers and Scanners

Step 5: Click the button that says “Open Scanner…”

After clicking the “Scan” tab, now click “Open Scanner…”

Opening Scanner on Mac from Printers and Scanners inside system preferences

Step 6: Uncheck “Use Document Feeder” box with arrow

Scanning on mac without using document feeder

Step 7: Locate the folder destination

The scan will save as an image on your computer. This step is required to save it in the correct destination. We recommend selecting your desktop.

Scanning on mac without using document feeder

Step 8: Press Scan on the right!

Most scanners will make a noise, so listen :).

Scanning on mac without using document feeder

Step 9: After the scan completes. Go to Desktop in finder to find your new scan as an image!

Scanning on mac without using document feeder

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