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Huawei compared to other phones and phone manufacturers

Compared to most other advanced economies, China was a comparatively latecomer industrial country, and yet it is now the trading giant of the world (Low, 2007). Huawei, a Chinese multinational technological company, is currently the world’s top ranked telecom supplier and the second-largest phone maker (Keane, 2019). Its cellular phones are some of the best android phones available on the market. They are tremendously popular in European countries, where they rank amongst the best as well as the cheapest smart phones of 2019. These phones are some of the best budget mobiles one can buy, especially when considering their specs. Huawei started out slow, with its phones nowhere near capable of giving competition to the Apple or Samsung phones. However, with its efficient strategic management system, Huawei has been able to garner huge success and has reached a high rank in the world trade market; the second largest phone maker of the world (Nhu, 2019). A 2019 report states that in the past two years while companies like Apple and Samsung have satisfied themselves with mostly iterative updates, Huawei has been consistent in making huge strides between every device release (Savov, 2019). Huawei has invested heavily in its camera hardware, which has paid off with terrific performance and has stirred smart phone owners to hit the “upgrade” button. Their cameras remain unmatched in low light (Savov, 2019).

 In spite of Huawei’s massive presence in the world, its phones are virtually invisible in the US. Due to a past executive order declaring a national emergency over threats against US information and communications technology, they are not often sold in the US. In order to be sold in the US they have to obtain government permission before the process of selling or transferring of technology begins (Villas-Boas & Eadicicco, 2019). Furthermore, when one visits their USA online site, their latest devices are not shown (Villas-Boas & Eadicicco, 2019). This entire political issue arose when President Trump decided to place this company on the U.S.’s blacklist out of unfounded concerns that Huawei’s smartphones and network equipment may be used for surveillance by China. There has never been, nor is there currently any evidence regarding these concerns (Bhargava, 2019).

Due to this political issue, sale of Huawei phones in the US have been difficult. US is missing out on one of the, if not the best smart phones available in the world right now. Statistically speaking, their phones are proven to be very popular globally. Their phones are high-end in Mate and P lines, include cheaper handsets in Honor offshoot brand, and include impressive cameras (Villas-Boas & Eadicicco, 2019). One of the main reasons people prefer a Huawei over any other smart phone is because of the quality of the camera on the device. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans do not even know about their brand due to the political issue surrounding it. The Huawei 8X, Huawei Y7, Huawei 6X, Huawei Mate 20 Pro are particularly popular in Europe. Huawei P30 Pro and Huawei Mate 20 Pro were in The Guardian’s list of Best smartphones to buy in 2019 (Gibbs, 2019).  

When comparing a Huawei smart phone to any other, specifically either a Samsung or iPhone, there are significant differences. There are pros and cons to each top phone currently being distributed from each company, but, overall, it really just depends on what is the most important part of a cell phone to the certain individual purchasing it. For example, the iPhone X includes a stunning design, an innovative Face ID and has the best camera available for an iPhone, but it does not have a headphone jack and contains a relatively modest battery life. Also, the iPhone X is one of the largest and priciest phones on the market. The Samsung S9 has an excellent design and is known to be a great all-round choice, but it has modest storage and is quite similar to the model previous to it. The Huawei P20 Pro allows for the best-in-class battery life and cameras, and while there is no headphone jack, it is the cheapest compared to the two above (Weckler, 2018).

There are hundreds of reviews on the internet that go over each phone individually or compare it to others, but when it comes down to it, ultimately it depends on the user’s personal preferences. Therefore, when just going through the device, it is definitely worthwhile to look more into Huawei phones if you are into the latest, cheapest and greatest device on the market.

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