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What is my port status?

You can check your port status at Know your Porting status

How do I set up my voicemail?

To setup your voice mail,
- Dial 1
- Press "Talk" or "Call" to begin call
- Enter last 7 digits of number as password

How do I set up Call forwarding?

To setup Call Forwarding,
- Dial * 21 *
- The number you want calls forwarded to (10 digits)
- #
For example, if your cell phone number is (123) 456-7890, you would dial * 21 *1234567890#
- Wait for confirmation tone
- To turn off, dial #21# and wait for confirmation tone.

How do I use Call Waiting?

- To hang up current call and answer incoming call: Press 1 and then "Talk"
- To continue current call and reject incoming call: Press 0 and then "Talk"
- To put current call on hold and accept incoming call: Press 2 and then "Talk"
- To add incoming caller to current call: Press 2, "Talk", 3, "Talk"


How do I plug in the base? How do I plug in my landline phone?

In your package, you should have received a charger (in a white box) and our landline base. Plug the charger into a power outlet in the wall and then into the power hole in the base. This hole is circular.

Then find your landline phone. Plug your landline phone into the back of the base, in an outlet named "Phone." The phone does not need to be plugged into the landline wall jack.

Make sure the on/off button on the back of the device is pressed in.

I have questions regarding my landline, Where should I ask?

You can get answers to your questions at Community Phone Help .
If you still have any queries, Feel free to reach us at (617) 963-0004 or mail us at


How do I transfer?

To do

Cell plan

How do I Buy?

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Business plan

How do I Buy?

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For Help With Your Number - Call (866) 512-1234