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Transfer a Landline to a Cell Phone

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Transfer Your Landline to a Cell Phone

Use your landline number exactly as you would any cell phone. Transfer to a flip phone or smart phone. Service is covered by Unlimited Talk/Text on the AT&T or Sprint nation-wide network. Free SIM-Card and Free 2-day shipping included.

Call 1-(855) 615-0667

Call Hours are 10am-6pm Eastern, Monday-Sunday

A Cord Cutters Best Friend

Who needs a landline in the age of cell phones! Turn your landline into a cell phone and get rid of your landline entirely. Our service is covered by the AT&T nation-wide network and starts at only $20/month!

Call 1-(855) 615-0667

Call Hours are 10am-6pm Eastern, Monday-Sunday

One Simple Plan

Landline to Cell Phone Transfer
with Unlimited Talk/Text


  • Free CoolPad Flip Phone Included
  • Cell Phone shipped to your doorstep in 7 days
  • Replaces your landline entirely. One single bill.
    • No Contract, No Hidden Fees, Billed Monthly
    • 100% USA-Based Phone and Email Customer Service
    • Serviced on the Sprint Nation-wide network.


Call 1-(855) 615-0667

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Most of our customers save between $200-$300 a year by switching their landline service to number forwarding or transferring.

What Our Customers Have to Say

"At first, I thought this was too good to be true - I can use my phone to pickup my landline calls, and cancel my old plan with Verizon? Ended up being pleasantly surprised."

Stacey Sanders

Dallas, TX - 15 MAY 2019

"Community Phone was a pleasure to work with. Their landline experts guided me step by step. If I ever had a problem, I would call, and a real person helped me out."

Tony O'Brian

Fort Mayers, FL - 15 SEP 2018

"I was paying AT&T $80 a month for my landline service, now I pay a fraction and get all my calls right to my cell. Feels like a magic trick."

Mark Randall

Pittsburgh, PA - 23 JAN 2020

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