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Cell phone service and trust administration tools built for you and your beneficiaries.

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Trust Services by Community Phone

Streamlined Billing

We buy minutes, texts, and data in whole from the four largest nationwide carriers, and charge you on the same day each month for all beneficiaries with the same, consistent terms. The bill and account can stay in the beneficiary's name, but the trust has full visibility in a single place. And, paper billing is available with up to a net-60 payment period before service would suspend.

Affordable Phones That Work Well

Beneficiaries can enjoy a new, older iPhone model for as low as $60, without any credit check required. Smart phone or flip phone, one can enjoy unlimited talking and texting for $15 per month all the way to $50 per month for unlimited everything which includes international options.

Dedicated Support

Trust administrators or coordinators get a special line to a dedicated account executive, who can assist over email, text message, or direct phone line without having to call a global customer support number for all consumers. You can get started with at little as one beneficiary at a time.

Trusts we are privileged to support


"Community Phone simplifies the billing by sending the bills for each beneficiary on the same day each month, and accepting our disbursement process of issuing paper checks and respects the limitations of our beneficiaries who would require or prefer that a Service Coordinator communicate with a phone company on their behalf. The especially appealing aspect of beneficiaries who switch to Community Phone is the work that they do to allow a beneficiary to keep their number from a previous service. Community Phone works quickly to switch service for a beneficiary to minimize the amount of disruption in their service. Once a beneficiary has Community Phone, they are comforted by reliable coverage at a reasonable price." - Shani Walker, Service Coordinator, 2019

Corporation of Guardianship

"We have enjoyed working with Community Phone and have been very pleased with their services so far. We look forward to a continued relationship!" - Dorian Sylvester, Executive Director

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