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Based in Boston, MA

Founding date: February 1st, 2018


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Who We Are

We chose to work on this problem because our families were systematically abused by large carriers. From a sister who was sold a $45 phone for $500 to a grandpa who spent 3 hrs on hold because he didn't know how to turn on his iPhone 4 and was then shamed into buying an iPhone X to solve "his problem," our loved ones have been crushed by telecom. Our core team consists of James, our CEO and a 2017 Thiel Fellow, John, our COO and a recent USF data science grad, and Ellie, a recent Harvard Math and Philosophy grad who is a professional artist and manages our design and marketing. Our most important qualification, though, is our vehement need to make phone companies, at minimum, decent and ethical.

What We Offer

We buy our data in bulk from carriers all over the glove so we can offer lower prices for almost all people. Our more than 400 customers have saved more than $20,000 per month by switching to us. Our most popular data plan costs only $25/month, and all of our plans have no contracts and include unlimited calls and text messages. As part of all of our phone plans, we provide in-person customer support and phone set up, making cell phones hassle free. Our coverage is nationwide and can include international services and hotspot capabilities. We do not harvest or sell our members’ data. Unlike other providers who sell customer data to advertisers, the data our members purchase is theirs to own. This helps our customers feel safe and secure online. We also run tech-literacy events throughout Boston, having already helped hundreds of people learn to use their smartphones. Each month we also publish a TeleGraham, our newsletter which includes announcements about local Boston events and businesses as well as a Member Spotlight, where we profile one of our outstanding members.