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Replace Your Landline Bill

"At first, I thought this was too good to be true - I can use my phone to pickup my landline calls, and cancel my old plan with Verizon? Ended up being pleasantly surprised."

Stacey Sanders

Dallas, TX - 15 MAY 2019

"Community Phone was a pleasure to work with. Their landline experts guided me step by step. If I ever had a problem, I would call, and a real person helped me out."

Tony O'Brian

Fort Mayers, FL - 15 SEP 2018

"I was paying AT&T $80 a month for my landline service, now I pay a fraction and get all my calls right to my cell. Feels like a magic trick."

Mark Randall

Pittsburgh, PA - 23 JAN 2020

Will I still be able to use my landline if I forward it?

When you forward your landline number, you will no longer be able to make calls from that number. If you would like to make calls from that number, you can simply port the number onto a flip phone for $15 a month. Your landline phone itself will also not be functional if you forward or port your landline number.

Can I speak with someone if I have questions?  

Of course! We have a dedicated landline forwarding support number. Feel free to reach us with any inquiries at (844)-294-1118 for sales and for support as an existing customer please call us at 888-582-4177 10am-7pm EST 7 days a week.

What does it mean that my landline number is eligible? 

This means that your landline number is not “tied” to the phone or the provider. You are free to forward or transfer your number to a cell phone, and completely get rid of the landline service using Number Forwarding.What does it mean that my landline number is eligible? Text

What is Number Forwarding?

Number Forwarding is the process of storing a landline number and forwarding all inbound calls to an existing cell phone. When you forward a landline number to a cell phone, all calls will begin ringing on that phone. Number Forwarding serves as a replacement to your current landline service, meaning you no longer need to pay your old provider or keep your landline phone.

Who uses Number Forwarding? 

Number Forwarding is primarily used by folks who want to get rid of their landline service but want to keep the home phone number they’ve had for years. 2 million households get rid of their landline service every year, but keep their home phone numbers by using Number Forwarding. Number Forwarding also costs less than 90% of landline plans, so most households save on average $300 a year by using it.

How does CallerID and Voicemail work if I forward my landline number to my cell phone? 

Caller ID and Voicemail work exactly the same as normal wireless calls to your cell phone. The voicemail for your landline number will forward to your existing voicemail on the number receiving all forwarded calls: your cell phone, your other work number, etc. CallerID will show as normal.

Can I forward the landline number to two or more cell phones? 

Yes! This is a common request from couples or small businesses, who would like to have inbound calls ring on more than one phone at the same time. The first person to pick up the phone would get the call, and it would stop ringing all the other people's numbers.

Will my wireless service on my cell phone be affected by Number Forwarding? 

No. Number Forwarding has no impact on the wireless service existing on your current cell phone. As long as you have wireless service, you will be able to receive inbound landline calls.

Can I tell if a call is coming from my landline number or my cell phone number? 

Unfortunately, not yet. Both calls with display standard Caller ID of either your landline number or the number calling your landline number. If you require both numbers to appear, please message, our landline product manager.

If I use Number Forwarding can I still make calls from my landline? 

No. Number Forwarding is an alternative to your current landline service. You will not be able to make outbound calls from that number. However, you will still be able to return calls from the landline number using your cell phone. If this is a feature you would like, please email, our landline product manager.

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