Community Phone

Mother's Day with Community Phone!

Give your mom a Stress Free Summer!

Community Phone would like to help you show your mother how much she means to you! That is why we are offering our Stress Free Package to any mother who activates a new account between May 11th and May 31st.

The Stress Free Package includes three months of free cell phone service (towards one line only) and a massage during activation!

Text "I love my mom" to 617-795-4677 to book an appointment today!

Text 617-795-4677 (24/7) to book now

The appointment must be scheduled at least 1 week in advance to receive the massage; however, the three months free can be redeemed at any time before the 31st of May 2019. The first month of service is paid and the three month credit will be applied starting on the second month. The phrase "Mother's Day special" must be mentioned at the time activation or during the appointment scheduling in order to receive the above benefits. This offer only applies to an in store activation and does not apply to an online or remote activation.

Call 617-963-0004  or Text 617-795-4677 to book appointment today!

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