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Your Landline Number, Made Mobile.

Keep your landline number without paying for your landline service.

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Number Forwarding

Receive Calls on Your Current Cell Phone

All landline calls will be forwarded to an existing cell phone. This means your cell phone will be home to both your landline and mobile number. This has no impact on your current wireless service and still allows you to cut the landline cord. Plus - calls can be forwarded to more than one phone!


No contract. No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

Number Transfer

Transfer Number to a Separate Cell Phone

Use your landline number exactly as you would any cell phone. Transfer to a flip phone or smart phone. Service is covered by Unlimited Talk/Text on the AT&T nation-wide network. Free SIM-Card and Free 2-day shipping included.


No contract. No Hidden Fees. Cancel Anytime.

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