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Turn Your Landline into a

$29/month to be able to make and receive unlimited calls to and from your landline on a cell phone.

Works with All Providers, Including....

Step 1: Talk to Us

Talk to a friendly customer support agent to make sure we have all the right details to make the transition from landline to flip phone easy.

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Step 2: We Ship You a Free Flip Phone with your Landline Number Already on It

Our landline to cell phone transfer plan comes with a CoolPad Flip Phone on us! We ship the flip phone directly to your doorstep with your landline number already activated. Yes- it's that easy.

Step 3: Use your Flip Phone exactly as you would any cell phone.  

Use your free flip phone exactly as you would any cell phone. Our cell phone service is provided via the Sprint Network with Unlimited Talk/Text for just $29/month.

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