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Number Forwarding with Community Phone

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Receive Calls on Your Current Cell Phone

All landline calls will be forwarded to an existing cell phone. This means your cell phone will be home to both your landline and mobile number. This has no impact on your current wireless service, and includes the ability to forward to multiple cell phones. Voicemail and CallerID are included.

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A Cord Cutters Best Friend

Who needs a landline when you have all the important calls just forwarded to your cell phone. Number Forwarding does exactly that, and lets you cancel your old landline service without losing the number you've had for years.

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Call Hours are 10am-6pm Eastern, Monday-Sunday

How is this possible? Try Our Forwarding Test Below.

One Simple Plan

Landline to Cellphone
Number Forward


  • Calls ring directly on your existing cell phone
  • 4-day, interruption-free, porting process.
  • Replaces your landline entirely. One single bill from us.
    • No Contract, No Hidden Fees, Billed Monthly.
    • 100% USA-Based Phone and Email Customer Service.
    • Uses the same voicemail as your cell phone.


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What Our Customers Have to Say

"At first, I thought this was too good to be true - I can use my phone to pickup my landline calls, and cancel my old plan with Verizon? Ended up being pleasantly surprised."

Stacey Sanders

Dallas, TX - 15 MAY 2019

"Community Phone was a pleasure to work with. Their landline experts guided me step by step. If I ever had a problem, I would call, and a real person helped me out."

Tony O'Brian

Fort Mayers, FL - 15 SEP 2018

"I was paying AT&T $80 a month for my landline service, now I pay a fraction and get all my calls right to my cell. Feels like a magic trick."

Mark Randall

Pittsburgh, PA - 23 JAN 2020

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