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Our no-contract, month to month Talk and data plans offer straightforward, affordable choices for everyone, from light to heavy-duty cellular phone users. You can change your plan monthly at no charge or penalty. We use the same nationwide networks you are already using -- we pay them millions of dollars for direct access to their towers, where we buy minutes/texts/gigabytes in mass bulk and pass on the savings.

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How many GB shared?

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Add your family members

You can add family or friends for just $20 per month, per line to share your unlimited minutes, unlimited texts, and data.

A family of 6 can put the two children who use the most on unlimited data plans for $50/each and share 10gb of data on the last 4 lines with unlimited talking and texting for $125 for a grand total of $225 per month.

Plus, you get immediate U.S. based service over the phone from 10am-7pm EST 7 days a week! And access to $4 phone chargers and screen protectors. And we don't track you. (Sorry to break it to you, but you are probably on a plan where your location data is resold to advertisers.)

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