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At 75 years old, Sharon Cronan was looking for an easy-to-use smartphone and a simple phone plan. Ms. Cronan, like many seniors, was not raised using fancy smartphones or computers. While she enjoys the plethora of functionalities smartphones provide, she sometimes finds the software interfaces of Android and Apple smartphones unintuitive.

Ms. Cronan came across advertisements in magazines for the Jitterbug phone--named after the popular dance of the early 20th century. Intrigued by the phones supposedly easy-to-use interface designed exclusively for seniors, Ms. Cronan went on a leap of faith and decided this would be her first smartphone.

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After a couple of months of using her new phone, Ms. Cronan started receiving bills for tens, and even hundreds of dollars, above her agreed upon monthly contract price of $28 per month. One of her highest bills was a whopping $271 in December! The reason for Ms. Cronans high bills? Great Call (Jitterbug’s provider) sold her a plan that limited her calling to 600 minutes, texting to 300 messages, and data to 40mb per month (40mb of data can be used up by opening 5 email images)!

Most seniors are particularly targeted by phone companies like Great Call because of their limited knowledge on technology due to never growing up with it. They often trap seniors into phone plans that intentionally trap them into paying high fees.

Here, at Community Phone, one of our missions is to solve this issue and give people a step by step explanation of not only how the technology they purchase works, but also knowing exactly what their service includes each month. Ms. Cronan, since joining our Community, has been saving over $200 per month on her phone bill, as well as gaining free instructions on her phone whenever she has questions!

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