Community Phone


If you want to join our entirely new business model, which believes that all cell phone customers deserve affordable service, friendly day-and-night support, and basic human dignity from their cell phone providers, we invite you to apply for these positions by emailing

Content Marketer and Copy Editor
Create blog article(s) for our website to improve SEO for specific keywords/ phrases that we will determine. together Article(s) will take technical concepts (regarding cell phones, cell phone service, cell phone carriers, etc) and lay them out in easy to understand terms. One time project with an option for numerous articles if a mutual fit. Articles will be 1,500 - 2,300 words in length.
Executive assistant to CEO and COO
Assistant and Customer Support: Executive Assistant at a growing startup. What you will be doing: - Answer customer calls - Office organization - calendar organization - flights organization - strategy organization and first response leader. Looking for a friendly and motivated individual who is interested in assisting in rapid growth.
Customer Service Representative 

Customer service is our central pillar.  The Customer Service Representative role involves making each existing and incoming customer feel valued and respected, through online messages, emails, and calls.  The CSRs are in constant communication with the team as a whole using a variety of platforms, so comfort with software is a necessity.  CSRs need to design systems to optimize our customer service experience, rather than just answering customer needs in the moment.  CSRs need to be personable, thoughtful, responsive, and creative.  The CSR role involves an intense commitment.

Software Developer
We are seeking a full stack developer to help us create basic RESTful/RPC APIs for a new mobile application, help me architect proper keypair provisioning/failsafes/POP network for our in house WireGuard VPN implementation, glue together backend billing systems, among other projects. A bonus for anyone familiar with extracting features via DPI, SIM hacking, or OpenBTS.