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Add modern features to your business line,
without learning new software.

Your business number can do more than you thought - all without having to learn a new software or hardware system.

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Your Business Number Can Do More

Community Phone customizes your business number for you. You never need to learn new software or buy new hardware. It's simple.

Customers calling you can select from a custom dial menu that you design, which can include audio recordings.

Calls to your business can ring on multiple phones (including personal cell phones), so many employees can answer.

Employees can make business calls from their personal phones with the business number displaying as the caller ID.

Voicemails can be sent to your business email, making them easier to handle and share.

Some Common Questions

Can my employees answer calls on their own phones?

Yes! Your employees can answer calls to your business number on any phones you'd like! That can include landlines or cell phones, phones in the office or personal phones. It's up to you!

When my employees make outbound calls, what will the Caller ID say?

The Caller ID will display your business number. Employees can make calls from their personal phones while keeping their personal number protected.

What can the dial menu do?

The dial menu can do whatever you'd like! For example, someone can press 4 to be connected with a certain employee (or group of employees simultaneously), press 5 to hear a pre-recorded MP3 message, press 6 to leave a voicemail, etc. It can be customized to your business's needs.

What about voicemails?

Voicemails can be sent to one (or many) email addresses - that way you can sort and manage the recordings and share them with your colleagues. It makes voicemail management simpler.

What hardware does this require?

None! Our business landline system requires no hardware whatsoever. You can be free of those strange bay-stations and servers for your business phone. All you'll need is a phone - and we can provide that too!

Can we make business calls from anywhere or do we need to be in the office?

You can make calls from anywhere. You're not chained to your office!

Is this secure?

Totally secure! With Community Phone, your business phone is kept safe and secure.

Our Business Customers Have Said...

"Community Phone set up a process for our personal phones to register as coming from our corporate phone number now when we use our personal cell phones for business! (Our staff’s favorite feature!)"

– Awake US Now, Minnesota, 2020

"Before, my business number was just a phone in our restaurant. Now, all of my delivery people can answer calls and fulfill orders. Thanks, Community Phone for making my landline number more powerful."

– Ellie's Pizza Palace, Massachusetts, 2019

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