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What's new? Excerpts from the August TeleGraham

What's new? Excerpts from the August TeleGraham

 Written by Xinlin Cair 

Let's check out the comments from our customers:


"Last March, I changed the HSBA cell phone service to HSBA member Community Phone. Since that time, I have saved hundreds of dollars without compromising service. The process was EASY, efficient and took only a few minutes." ---Denise

"My service with Community Phone works around the world and I save half compared to Verizon." ---Michael

New data plans!

The big, blue network is here to stay.

With the advent of our new partner, the old American Telephone & Telegraph company, our larger data plans have become much more price competitive. As always, our plans start at $15 a month for unlimited talking and texting, included in all plans, month to month service, no contracts, all U.S. based no-transfer customer service.

Our updated pricing table:

0.5gb plan = $20
1gb plan  = $25 
2gb plan = $35
3gb plan = $40
5gb plan = $45
Truly unlimited data = $50



New Phones!

We're carrying new Android phones with the same, or better, hardware/camera specs as Samsung or Apple, at a third the price!

           For any new member, the Honor 8x (pictured below) costs $10 a month for 24 months. This Android phone was released in 2018 and is faster than most Samsung devices. 
           We also now carry the Mate 20 Pro, which has the best camera of any current smartphone on the market.

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