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She was abused by her cell phone company. Discover how she got her revenge.

She was abused by her cell phone company. Discover how she got her revenge.

After receiving a $300 bill from Great Call, Sharon said, "Enough is Enough!

Cronan, 75, was looking for an easy-to-use smartphone and a simple phone plan. Like many seniors, though, she was not raised using fancy smartphones or computers. So, while she enjoys all that smartphones can provide, she knows that sometimes they aren't user-friendly.

She saw magazine ads for the Jitterbug phone, named after that popular dance of the 1930s. Lured by the promise of a user experience designed exclusively for seniors, Ms. Cronan took a leap of faith and bought her first smartphone.

After just a couple of months, though, she started receiving bills for tens, and even hundreds of dollars, far above her monthly contract price of $28. One monthly bill was a whopping $271! The reason? Great Call (Jitterbug’s provider) had sold her a plan that limited her calling to only 600 minutes, texting to only 300 messages, and data to 40 megabytes per month!

That's nearly no data at all. Do you go on Facebook? That's 80mb <i>per hour</i> just for browsing, forget playing the videos your friends post. Instagram gulps 720 megabytes per hour. Interested in a YouTube video? 300 megabytes per hour. Netflix? 250 megabytes/hour. Do you like streaming music from places like Spotify? 150 megabytes per sixty minutes.

Phone companies like Great Call deliberately target seniors because they know that many seniors are not tech-savvy. They work to trap people like Ms. Cronan into phone plans with high fees and long-term contracts that require those exorbitant fees to be paid for years.

Here at Community Phone our mission is to make sure our customers are informed. We operate transparently, giving every new customer a step-by-step explanation of not only how their phone works but also precisely what their service includes each month.

Since joining our Community, Ms. Cronan has been saving more than $200 every month. She has also been enjoying free help, from an actual human being, whenever she has questions about how her phone works. We are here to serve you 24/7.

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