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Setting A Custom Voicemail on Your New iPhone (with pictures!)

How to set a custom voicemail greeting in 7 steps

This tutorial will show you how to record a new voicemail greeting if currently using the default voicemail greeting. If you miss calls, this is the recording that will play before the caller has the opportunity to leave a voicemail.

If you need help at any time, please feel free to contact us via email at or by phone at 617-963-0004. Due to the custom nature of technology, we would be happy to assist you one-to-one.

Step 1: Tap The iPhone App Icon

Opening the iPhone phone

Step 2: Tap The Voicemail Tab In Lower-Right

Opening Voicemail on iPhone

Step 3: Tap The Greeting Button In Top-Left

Opening greeting in Voicemail on iPhone

Step 4: Tap The White Rectangle Labeled “Custom”

Selecting custom from default in voicemail on iphone

Step 5: Tap The “Record” Button To Begin Recording

After completing this step, start speaking into your device!

Recording a custom voicemail on iPhone

You will notice the device recording your voicemail with a red progress bar. You have up to the time it takes for the red progress bar to fill the screen to record your voicemail.

Step 6: Stop the recording!Recording a custom voicemail on iPhone red progress bar

Stopping the recording for custom voicemail on iPhone

After stopping, you can listen to your recording, do it over, save it, or cancel.

Step 7: Save the recording!

Save iPhone custom voicemail


You have set up your custom voicemail!

If you need any further help at any time for anything on your phone, please feel free to reach us by phone at 617-963-0004 or by email at

We believe that you will learn how to use technology very well!

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