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Greetings From Community Phone

We believe the goal of technology is to amplify the world’s creativity, not mute it. Today, interactions with most technology companies make creating hard. They make customers feel forgotten, disrespected, and inferior.

We have founded Community Phone to finally bring humanity to the cell phone industry.

Let’s empower together, The Community Phone Team

Formerly known as Wallace Murry

Who We Are

We are a group of young adults who grew tired of watching hard-working folks get exploited by their cell phone companies. Last year, one of our friends walked into a big phone company’s store with an email problem and walked out having purchased a brand new iPhone X and with no solution to her email problem. We realized she deserved better, so we started the first community cell phone company, dedicated to empowering people by providing affordable cell phone coverage and unmatched, in-person customer support. Also, as you’ll find out when you talk to us, our prices are way lower than those our competitors offer.

We want to change the way people feel about phones. No more stress, no more waiting in lines at retail stores. Everyone deserves better.

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Our founder, James Graham, launched Community Phone after winning the Thiel Fellowship, an award from the founder of to create a business to improve the lives of the community. Every day James works to show people what they deserve from a technology company. He explains:

“I don’t like the ways that large phone companies have treated my friends and family over the years. Phone companies ought to make it easy for people to ask questions and feel comfortable with the Internet we all have now on our phones. Phones are also about talking to other people, and this fundamental focus on people has been forgotten.”

James founded Community Phone to make personal communication personal again, one voice on the line at a time.

What We Do

We provide fair-priced phone service with unmatched, in-person customer support. Our background-checked representatives meet our members wherever is convenient, un-complicating the technology they already have rather than selling them what they don’t need. This has enabled a poet to finally print his poems and a novelist to submit her new draft to publishers. We already have customers in the East Coast, South, Midwest, West Cost, and internationally, so no matter where you are, we have you covered. Because we operate on Sprint and T Mobile towers, our customers have the best coverage with the fastest speeds. We cover international travel too!

At Community Phone, we are committed to finding custom plans that fit our customers’ needs. If it’s not with us we’ll help you find a better plan elsewhere. In addition, we run technology events at senior and low-income centers, and are now applying for federal and state funding to provide free iPhones to Boston-area seniors. The Community Phone Team With Another Satisfied Customer

We Want To Get To Know You

If you or anyone you know is paying more than $35/month for their cell phone coverage and/or has not been treated with the utmost respect by their phone company, please let us know. We’re trying to bring not only fair prices but also kindness, fairness, and respect to the cell phone industry. Our first step is to conduct a free evaluation to help you understand what phone products and data you are currently using and whether they actually meet your needs. This includes our breakdown for you of the costs of your current plan and the specific services your current phone company offers. If you are already getting what you deserve, great! Otherwise, we’d like to get you on whatever plan best suits you, whether it’s with us or someone else. Your current phone company doesn’t want you to know this, but it’s really easy to switch carriers. Here at Community Phone we also have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Please contact us at or via phone at 414-939-8586 or 617-963-0004 with your comments or to sign up for a free consultation. See What Our Customers Are Saying!

Anne Bernays And James Graham

Coming Up In Next Month’s TeleGraham

We’d like this newsletter, called the TeleGraham after the inventor of the telephone Alexander Graham Bell to be a community spotlight. We want to showcase our members because their work deserves to be promoted and circulated.

In next month’s TeleGraham we’re showcasing Anne Bernays, pictured above with founder James Graham. Anne is a Boston-based novelist who teaches at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. We will feature a profile about Anne written for us by one of her students, where Anne discusses her relationship with technology.

If you’d like your work to be featured in a future TeleGraham, please reach out at

Customers who join this month get a full month of free service.

Please contact us at or via phone at 414-939-8586 or 617-963-0004 with your comments or to sign up for a free consultation. We’re thrilled to know you! Join The Community! Facebook

Community Phone is a nationwide cell phone carrier recognized by NPR for its full service experience and affordable prices.

Community Phone is a people-first phone company,
that provides better cellular at half the cost.

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