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Community Phone's March TeleGraham: From travels in Australia to home Internet in Boston

Community Phone's March TeleGraham: From travels in Australia to home Internet in Boston

Announcing the first no-contract home internet and cell service partnership in the country (and much more)! 

The Community Phone team is proud to send out our seventh monthly TeleGraham, where we share some exciting news and profile a few of our most creative customers. Welcome to our new customers!

As a little reminder, our plans start at $15/month and all come with unlimited calls and texts.  New smartphones, including iPhones, start at only $5/month.  Also, with our Care To Share Program, if someone signs up for our service with your recommendation, you both receive a free month of cell service up to $75 each!

Home Internet + Cell Service

This month we launched a partnership with netBlazr, Boston's friendly home internet company, to provide Boston the first-ever no-contract personal communications package.  Bostonians no longer need to worry about never-ending contracts, hidden fees, changing prices, and terrible customer support.  Now, with Community Phone and netBlazr, you can finally experience the respect you have always deserved from your internet and phone companies.  We are honored to provide this partnership to the city that started us. Telecommunications: by Boston, for Boston. 

Home internet + cell phone plans start at only $65/month for unlimited calls, texts, 1GB cellular data, and 50mbps home internet speed.  All customer service is immediate and local.  We're hoping to make personal communications personal again.

Raised $150,000 from Y Combinator!

This month we are finally able to announce our relationship with Y Combinator, a startup fund helping us support and grow our membership.

Y Combinator, known as YC, is a startup fund based in Mountain View, CA.  They invest in companies they think will change the landscape, from biotechnology startups distributing fertility tests in rural India to artificial intelligence companies trying to help computers learn from small data sets. YC has invested in some companies you may know (other than your friendly phone company, Community Phone!), including Airbnb, Dropbox, and Stripe.

For the last three months James Graham and John LaGue, our two indefatigable co-founders, have been splitting their time between Boston, running our lovely Harvard Square pop-up, and Mountain View, where they have been working with YC to fine-tune the business side of Community Phone. This time just culminated with Demo Day, the day Community Phone launched to the YC community.  Check out the link below to read about Demo Day and to learn about other amazing YC companies. 

Please Tell Your Friends!

This month, we thought we'd send out a brief message to our members.  Thank you sincerely for recommending your friends and family to us.  We have been able to help more and more people around the country because you have trusted us with the people you love.  We started this company hoping to free people from the pain they were feeling caused by their cell phone companies.  Over these months, we have been working to expand our offerings, tool our customer service, and broaden our community engagement so that each of our members feels heard.  If there are ways we can improve, please let us know.  We are dedicated to serving you.

If you've enjoyed our service over this past year, please tell your friends. Plus, if someone signs up for our service with your recommendation, you both receive a free month of cell service up to $75 each!

Limousine Service from a Member!

We're happy to recommend one of our member's businesses.  Matt Coolidge, one of our industrious members, runs a stellar limousine company in Massachusetts called Starlight Limousine Service.  If you ever need a ride in one of his sleek limousines, email and Matt will give you the night of your dreams.

Member Spotlight: A World Traveler

In the monthly Member Spotlight, we showcase one of our wonderful members, to show how extraordinary members in the Community really are.  

This month's spotlight features Meghan Graham, a junior at the University of Wisconsin - Madison who is living on the beach outside Sydney, Australia.

She has been living there full-time using Community Phone service!  Meghan has sent us a photo series of her time in Australia, so we can all virtually experience the beautiful summer as our winters around the United States hopefully come to an end.  She hopes you enjoy the brief respite from the cold. Here's a little message from Meghan about what travel means to her:

"I decided to take my second semester of my junior year at undergrad and study in Sydney Australia at the University of New South Wales for various reasons. One, in particular, was to make a major change in my life. My entire life I have lived in the state of Wisconsin and have gone to school there, year after year. I knew that if I did not take advantage of going abroad, I would not be able to experience half the things I already have since being here. I am so happy I decided to do this. This experience, although only halfway through, has brought me so many new friendships in my life, as well as has grown me as a person individually."


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