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Community Phone's February TeleGraham: from a career physicist on the radiation in bananas to being featured in USA Today

Community Phone's February TeleGraham: from a career physicist on the radiation in bananas to being featured in USA Today

From a new website to being featured in USA Today, a lot happened this month! 

The Community Phone team is proud to send out our seventh monthly TeleGraham, where we share some exciting news and profile a few of our most creative customers. Welcome to our new customers!

As a little reminder, our plans start at $15/month and all come with unlimited calls and texts.  New smartphones, including iPhones, start at only $5/month.  Also, with our Care To Share Program, if someone signs up for our service with your recommendation, you both receive a free month of cell service up to $75 each!

Our Brand New Website


Community Phone launches a new websiteCommunity Phone launched a brand new website this month!  It features dozens of new phones, a series of new plans, and several company updates.  Plus, now new customers can check out directly on our site! Hopefully, this will make our customer's online experience even better.  We'd love for you to you check it out!

Featured in USA Today!

Community Phone featured in USA Today alongside Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon


USA Today profiled Community Phone at the end of January for our response to the government shutdown.  While our competitors only offered leniency on bill payment, we offered massive discounts for federal employees country-wide.  Hopefully, this helped some of the people most affected.

Thanking Our Neighborhood

Community Phone reward local harvard square businesses
This month we launched a new campaign to give back to our local Cambridge, Massachusetts neighborhood.  On our Facebook and Instagram pages, we asked our followers to recommend to recommend the Cambridge businesses that have meant the most to them.  We're calling this our Community's Neighbors campaign!  From a Mayflower Poultry that donating turkeys to a local school every Thanksgiving to Ghanzhou Restaurant whose owner has brightened our members' days with her artwork on the walls, these local businesses have truly gone above and beyond for the community. 

To thank them, we're giving $100 in free phones and credit to every staff member at each business.  No strings attached.  This initiative has been going wonderfully so far!  

Here you can see two members of Community Phone management thanking the lovely staff at Oggi Gourmet and Pinocchio's Pizza & Subs.  Please go check out these two delicious restaurants!  

Member Spotlight: A Career Physicist

James and Ted Kochanski

This month's spotlight features the talented Dr. Ted Kochanski, a brilliant career physicist from Lexington, Massachusetts.  

Ted's career spans decades, from developing technologies to help global wellness to creating new types of microelectronics.  Ted does not spend all of his time in the lab, however.  You may have met him at the Museum of Science in Boston, where he has volunteered for more than 4,000 hours.  He helped create their Cloud Chamber, which allows visitors to see radiation.

Ted was kind enough to sit down with one of our co-founders James Graham share a story about his time with Mu Vision, a company dedicated to investigating the contents of sealed shipping containers for national security reasons.  Ted explained to James that shipping containers are like bananas. 

Turns out, every banana is a source of radiation.  Bananas are filled with potassium, which can come in many forms.  Some of these forms, or isotopes, are radioactive!  You can't see this, though, when you're looking at the banana.  It's the same for these sealed shipping containers.  Ted and his research team realized that, by detecting the pattern of radiation coming off of shipping containers, they could determine their contents!  For example, they detected a certain pattern of radiation off of a sealed container and was able to determine that it was filled with shoes.  Not only that but also they could determine the orientation of the shoes inside!  All from the pattern of radiation, or "radiation signature," that the container was emitting.  If you're interested in hearing how Ted detected bomb-making materials like plutonium and uranium, you should go to the Museum of Science and say hello!

Amazingly, Ted was kind enough to bring his personal Alexander Graham Bell archive to the Community Phone office, after having seen our in-shop exhibit about the history of telecommunications in Cambridge, Massachusetts, the city where we were founded.  In the next mont's TeleGraham, we are going to show off our wonderful exhibit.  As a taste of the history of telecommunications, here are some of the amazing pieces Ted showed us.  We are so excited to learn more about the inventor of the telephone and we hope you are too.  If you'd like to see more, please email us or come by our 31 Church St. Cambridge shop.  Thank you, Ted!


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