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Cell Phone Carriers Sued For Selling Consumer Location Data

Cell Phone Carriers Sued For Selling Consumer Location Data

Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint are all being hit with lawsuits for allegedly selling consumer location data reports Vice. While the selling of consumer information had been suspected for decades, it wasn't until the New York Times wrote a piece about carriers selling users' real-time location data that it became widely known. This sold information was being used by police to search for people (without warrants), bounty hunters, marketing teams, and who knows exactly what other organizations. Since that article the four major carriers all "promised" to stop selling user data (summer of 2018). Yet, Vice reported user data was still being sold as of 2019.

Now, class action lawsuits are being placed against the big carriers in an attempt to finally stop the invasion of privacy. You should have a say over how your data is used, especially when it comes to tracking your real-time location.

However, the Supreme Court ruled in 2011 during AT&T Mobility vs Concepcion that the arbitration waiver cell phone carriers include in their Terms of Service are in fact enforceable. We will see if this ruling plays any part in the following legal battle.

Community Phone is tracking this case closely and will keep you updated. We are a cell phone service that does not sell your data or even track you. Your privacy is very important to us! Find out more about how you can join the Community here.

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